Public Speaking

I am happy to come to your event or campus and speak on a variety of topics! I offer a variety of topics for public presentation:

  • Kink 101
  • Queer 101
  • Polyamory 101
  • Managing Polyamorous Relationships
  • Marriage Inequality; The Fight Isn’t Over
  • Consent & the Non-Aggression Principle
  • Mental Health First Aid without Law Enforcement Intervention
  • Self-Care for Activists
  • In Our Own Voice *this is a presentation format from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, I need a co-presenter also trained to present this one within their guidelines
  • Queering the Jury *this is a presentation format from Outright Libertarians and Fully Informed Jury Association **this presentation has no standalone speaking fee

My speaking fee is negotiable and dependent on a variety of factors, feel free to ask about it.

To contact me about speaking at your event, please use the form provided below.